Choose from the following colors:

Pure White Caviar French Roast Glitzy Gold
Pure White - SW7005 Caviar - SW6990 French Roast - SW6069 Glitzy Gold - SW6691
Silver Strand Real Red Direct Green Fusion Green
Silver Strand - SW7057 Real Red - SW6868 Direct Green - SW6924 Fusion Green - SW6919
Ice Plant Childs Play Gutsy Grape Dignity Blue
Ice Plant - SW6847 Child's Play - SW6845 Gutsy Grape - SW6980 Dignity Blue - SW6804
Regale Blue Cheerful Navel Great Falls
Regale Blue - SW6801 Cheerful - SW6903 Navel - SW6887 Great Falls - SW6495

All colors are all based on the Sherwin Williams™ paint colors system. The above samples are just references, and not meant to be an exact color representation.