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Welcome to Lorraine’s Canes, a place where your individuality and creative personality finds a way back to you. We specialize purely on decorative designer, and daily use assisted walking devices.

Our wooden canes can be cut and customized to fit any size. In fact, we are the only company around that produces specialty canes under 28.5” in height!

Who says you have to sacrifice personality and dignity when your lifestyle requires a walking cane for support and mobility? We believe that canes do not have to be dull pieces of medical equipment. Our philosophy is that a fashionable walking cane should be fun and add to your personal sense of style.

Lorraine's Canes offers a multitude of custom canes for men, women, and kids alike.  So, whether you need flair for your everyday use, or added class for a formal black tie affair, our walking canes can be: unique to your playful inner child, fancy and elegant for your sophisticated style, or bold for the fanatical sports fan.

Our hand-painted canes provide our customers with the comfort of independent living. They have proved to be valuable to people undergoing physical therapy programs the handicapped and disabled, people who are aging, those who have respiratory problems, or suffer from complications from diabetes. Our specialty canes are also beneficial to those with heart or lung problems, retired Americans, people suffering from joint problems or arthritis, and the multiple sclerosis and muscular dystrophy communities.

Unique and fashionable, our sheppard styled canes are made from the finest hardwoods, and kiln-cured for maximum strength and support a 250 lb. weight capacity. Each wooden cane is hand painted and treated with a gloss water resistant finish and an added rubber tip to provide and ensure additional safety.

We have a variety of hand crafted novelty canes to choose from. Or, call us and work with a local artist to create your own cane customized to your personality. You can choose from our: Solid Color Canes, multi- Color Canes, Sports Canes , Animal Canes, Kids Canes and Paint-A-Canes

No need to be mundane, step out in style with a Lorraine’s Cane!

About Us

When life calls for a cane, why not show off your unique personality!  That’s why Lorraine’s Canes was created.   As an established successful business owner and a person with a disability, Lorraine realized the need for herself and others to have a cane that can showcase personality and flare.  
Assistive devices shouldn’t be dull for any age. Lorraine’s Canes offers unique and spirited-themed canes for children and adults.  Lorraine felt particularly compelled to offer children a cane that is fun and focuses on their individuality rather than their disability.  So she created the princess cane, the flame cane and the camouflage cane to bring a smile and delight to a child’s face.
Adults also need the opportunity to flaunt their style and now you can choose from several creative, seasonal, holiday and sports-themed canes.  So when you need a cane, why not be fun and step out in style.  
Lorraine is an established business leader and advocate for people with disabilities.  In addition to creating and presiding over the award-winning Woodward Communications firm, she also created Realistic Reflections, a stock photography company specializing in images of people with disabilities in the community, at work, at play and with friends.  Our photos provide a "realistic reflection" of the life of a person with a disability.  Our “models” are real people who share their lives to show how people with disabilities are valuable, contributing members of society and our communities—as well as to show some of the obstacles they face.  
That’s a little information about us.  We'd love to know more about you.  Please contact us and tell us about you, your organization and your specific needs.  This information will assist us as our company grows and our inventory of creative canes expands.

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