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Fitting Your Cane

What is the right length for you?  

That depends

For the average height person, most canes are about 36” long.  It is very important your cane is properly fitted to your height.  We can custom size your cane between 30 and 42”, for a $5 fee.  And remember, all custom-sized canes are non-refundable.

Determining your cane length  

The most common method to determine the proper cane length is to dress in the shoes you wear most often and stand with your arms relaxed at your sides.  Have another person measure the length between the floor and the crease of your wrist (wear it bends).  This measurement is your proper cane length.
Another, but less accurate, method is your cane length is about half the measurement of your height. When using your cane, your shoulders should be even and your elbow flexion should be at about a 20 - 25 degree angle.
As with any assistive device you should first check with your healthcare professional to confirm the length that’s right for you.   



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