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children and pediatric walking canes

Children's Pediatric Canes

There are many children with disabilities who need a walking cane for mobility. Or maybe they face a knee, leg or foot injury from a sports injury, diabetes or other ailment.
So why should kids’ orthopedic aids be boring?  Lorraine’s Canes offers fun, funky and adorable child-sized walking canes that are lightweight and top quality.  These genuine wood walking canes are 30 inches long but can be cut shorter if needed. Whether for a teen or young girl or boy, Lorraine’s Canes are bright and cheery.

Testimonial: A 12-year-old was injured in a car accident several years ago. She didn’t want a cane like she saw in stores. She found Lorraine’s Canes and ordered a 25” wooden zebra stripes with her name in hot pink and metallic gold letters. When we checked on her order, she stated “Miss Lorraine, I have to buy a new pair of shoes, a pocket book, and a dress to match my cane.”

Flamingo Cane
Giraffe Cane
Horse Cane Snake Cane
Sizes: 30", 36", 42"
Sizes: 30", 36", 42"
Sizes: 30", 36", 42"
Sizes: 30", 36", 42"

You won’t find pediatric canes like this anywhere.   So when life calls for a cane – have some fun!  Order a fashionable walking cane from Lorraine’s Canes today and step out in style.

Price: $60.00

Need a custom size? We can arrange that for an additional $5 fee.



Piediatric Canes also available in the following colors:

Pure White caviar french roast Glitzy Gold blank
Pure White - SW7005 Caviar - SW6990 French Roast - SW6069 Glitzy Gold - SW6691
Silver Strand Real Red Direct Green Fusion Green
Silver Strand - SW7057 Real Red - SW6868 Direct Green - SW6924 Fusion Green - SW6919
Ice Plant Child's Play Gutsy Grape Dignity Blue
Ice Plant - SW6847 Child's Play - SW6845 Gutsy Grape - SW6980 Dignity Blue - SW6804
Regale Blue Cheerful Navel Great Falls
Regale Blue - SW6801 Cheerful - SW6903 Navel - SW6887 Great Falls - SW6495

All colors are all based on the Sherwin Williams™ paint colors system. The above samples are just references, and not meant to be an exact color representation.

Sizes: Small - 30" Need a custom size? We can arrange that for an additional $5 fee.

Price: $30.00 for Solid Color Canes



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